Freddie van Rensburg

Hi, I am Freddie. I am an Addictions Counsellor as well as a Specialist Wellness Counsellor.

I can help you to identify your own coping mechanisms. Whatever problems you are experiencing – be it stress, anxiety, non-clinical depression, relationships, communication, drug addiction, alcoholism (or drug and alcohol abuse), as well as process addictions (like over-eating and other eating disorders, sex addiction, support for loved ones of addicts in addiction or in recovery, love-, screen- and gambling addiction), trauma and self-esteem issues – you have the skills to address those. Contact me on my “Contact” page to learn more.

What we are going to do, is find those coping mechanism and teach you to apply them appropriately.

I run group counselling sessions on the following topics: parental alienation, lack of self-esteem, codependence, compulsive sexual behaviour, addiction recovery, as well as support to family and loved ones of addicts. Contact me on my “Contact” page to learn more.

I also offer a chaperoning service. If ever an addict or stable mental patient needs to be transported from one place to another, within or outside our borders, I escourt the person to ensure that they arrive safely. Contact me on my “Contact” page to learn more.

You and I will work together to explore solutions to your challenging life situations. We shall find new and different perspectives on your concerns, and I shall provide guidance towards positive outcomes. I shall assist you in making conscious, rational and well-informed decisions that are healthy and safe for you. We shall work in an atmosphere of warmth, empathy and acceptance.

We work on YOU. On what you are experiencing consciously, in the here-and-now, and how we can help you to process these events to reduce the discomfort they cause.

This is therapy, where you are free to talk to a trained professional, in a safe and confidential space, about whatever is going on for you. We focus on problematic behaviours, beliefs and feelings in terms of what you experience as uncomfortable, painful or confusing. Our aim is to improve things for you, so that you can become the healthiest version of yourself and live the best life possible.

It is expected of you to talk about yourself and what you are experiencing. This will help us to resolve painful feelings, improve your relationships and change self-destructive behaviours and habits. We shall determine strategies to achieve these goals to generally improve your quality of life.

You can expect to be listened to, receive appropriate feedback and be supported on your journey. You can further expect confidentiality, ethical behaviour and a healthy experience.