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2019-05-09 00:00:00 +0200 9 09 05 2019

The Author

I became aware of Desiree-Anne Martin on Facebook as someone in recovery who has published a book. As both these issues are close to my heart, I started becoming more and more aware of her postings and eventually befriended her on Facebook and started stalking her on Instagram. Her Instagram is believe.more.deeply. You can find Desriee-Anne’s book, “We Don’t Talk About It. Ever” ever on, Excelusive Books and Amazon. You can find her blog here and her poetry book Believe more deeply book is available from her, contact her on her website.

I am also extremely excited to have Desiree-Anne as my guest at the Recovery Festival. I am launching my new book and she will be doing some readings from her books. To learn more about the Recovery Festival go to here. Tickets are now available. The May early-bird special ends end of May.


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  • Desiree-Anne



Recording date

27 April 2019

Running time

47min 52sec